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experience counts

He has thousands of cases under his belt, and he’s familiar with all of the laws and all of the legal players in his part of California. This means that not only do clients get a well-educated and experienced defense attorney, but they get one who knows all of the laws and all of the individuals he’ll be interacting with throughout the case. That is no small achievement, and it’s one reason that Mr. Sohovich is so highly sought out by those who require his services.


During the early stages of your case, using his experience and knowledge to be able to quickly analyze the facts of your case and have a feel for how a courtroom scenario might play-out down the road, gives Chris Sohovich an advantage in strategically constructing an aggressive defense of your case. Should there be a need for Mr. Sohovich to have any negotiations with the person assigned to prosecute your case, the fact that that prosecutor will have knowledge of Mr. Sohovich’s courtroom skills and experience will have an effect on the process and outcome of those negotiations.

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